Halodi Robotics


Halodi Robotics are behind a fantastic robotics concept for the home market. A safe robot that helps out around the house, with cloud based intelligence and new drive technology – at an affordable price. And they have given “her” the name EVE.

Naturally there are very sophisticated mechanisms present in such a product, and Netron’s task was to communicate the USPs and the concept in a simple and engaging way to potential investors and developers. Halodi Robotics’ approach to the challenges is quite different, and it was important to communicate this. The EVE concept was to be communicated using a film, as well as with a website located at www.halodi.com.


Through advanced workshops we have acquired deeper insight into the construction and other challenges of robot technology, and into how Halodi Robotics have created some very elegant and different solutions to known problems in the robotics field.

As we progressed it also became natural for Netron to design the robot exterior as well.

The process of film production is usually the same every time, even if the projects themselves are different. The concept we arrived at for here turned out to be a mix of personal presentations by the development team at Halodi Robotics, shots from their workshop, and a good amount of 3D generated CGI elements to create a believable impression of how a finished robot will behave in a home environment. After the script and storyboard was finalized we planned and did two shoots in the workshop and in a home environment. The script called for a voice over which was recorded by a VO actor in the USA, while we directed the recording session through a studio in Norway.

At the same time, we were in the process of designing and 3D modeling the exterior of the robot. An exterior that would hide and protect the interior mechanics, while preserving the range of motion in the complex joints and Revo1 motors that Halodi Robotics have constructed from scratch.

With a completed 3D model of the robot we could now edit the film, and animate and render the required shots with the robot integrated into the various scenarios.

Based on the images from the film, and the 3D model we also designed a website for collecting leads, as well as building a following for future communication.


The solution, and the entire project, was of the kind that “suits” Netron well. Working with new technology, and pushing the envelope of our abilities is a huge part of the driving force and culture of our company. With our contributions we hope that Halodi Robotics attracts more investors and potential developers. We know that we already have an “EVE” on our wish list.


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