How difficult can it be?

A BIG idea: seemingly simple to explain, may not be simple to build.

  • If you’re unaccustomed to building digital solutions and software development, the process probably seems much simpler than it actually is.
  • Raising money to get the work done takes patience and persistence
  • The time it takes to build a digital product is almost always at least 2x longer than you think it is.
  • There are endless ways to solve the users’ problems. However, there’s a fine line between solving the problems users have, and solving problems that they don’t have.
  • Words of wisdom: Write your plans in pencil and your goals in pen

What to expect along the way?

The process of turning an idea into a product is a winding road filled with change and unexpected turns. Prepare to be wrong a lot of the time!

  • Your best ideas and assumptions will be challenged: Change and adapt accordingly.
  • Anticipate problems and have contingency plans.
  • Distractions are inevitable: Stick to the plan unless the opportunity is too good to pass up
  • Recognize new business opportunities and pivot, or extend the product to meet them.
  • Expect rebuilds. It’s impossible to get it right the first time (or even the 2nd)
  • You will never have enough money: Have a plan to finance the work necessary to grow.
  • Count on being wrong as often as you are right: Fail Fast
  • Focus on the problem to be solved: value to the user
  • Build to scale as much as possible, within budget
Any questions about developing digital products?

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